Socially Aware.

Trained and experienced in carrying out social marketing strategy through Social Media Marketing and Digital Media Marketing certificates from George Brown College, Toronto, Canada (2016-2017). Also trained in English language studies at McMaster University (Bachelor of Arts, 2016).
Kevin Mise certification
George Brown
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Creating content online since 2012.

What started out as a personal blog became a YouTube channel and vlogging platform. Kevin spends his time as a freelance social media strategist, creating musical pieces as Mise in his off time. 
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Mobile is growing. Content consumption is rising. Is your brand equipped to best tackle the future?

That's where your social media person can help!
South Park Design Build

South Park Design Build, 2017

At South Park Design Build, I ran their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds, focusing mainly on their Facebook following, which they maintained as their main hub for building customer relationships. On Facebook, I created and ran South Park's campaign strategy for brand awareness. South Park's following has doubled and their analytics to their homepage has also grown incrementally throughout my work. South Park's WordPress website was completely rebuilt with a responsive design theme under my social management, creating a beautiful hub for their visitors to browse portfolios through.
A Facebook post directing the community at South Park Design Build to their updated homepage, highlighting a before and after comparison between designs. (2017)
WTC Tax Consulting logo

WTC Tax Consulting, 2016

At WTC Tax Consulting, a fresh accounting startup focusing on tax consulting within the GTA area, I created WTC branded social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. As this was a startup, I also created their logo, designed business cards, managed their social feeds and copy, as well as ran campaigns on Facebook and Twitter for brand awareness and exposure.
An example of a Photoshop designed advertisement template created to highlight WTC Tax Consulting's blog posts to their Instagram audience. Features include matching visuals as the blog post and a call-to-action to WTC's free tax tips (link also in bio), with WTC's branding. (2016)

Great work begins in the classroom.

Through my learning at both McMaster University and George Brown College between 2013 and 2017, I have been able to apply the theoretical knowledge and industry-focused skills in communicating and dissecting the English language, allowing for high quality copywriting and effective communication between peers and the public. Marketing skills developed through two certificate programs at George Brown College have allowed me to focus my efforts on social media and digital media in the marketing world. These certificates have led to hands-on application with search engine optimization, project management, eCommerce, basic web design, and database management, among many other topics of interest.
McMaster University
McMaster University

English language and literature studies (B.A.)


George Brown College
George Brown College

Digital Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing