Our Instinctual Hate Of “New Year, New Me”

(Or why we need to actively embrace the positive goals of our friends.)

What is with everyone being so down on people saying “new year, new me”? Let me tell youFirst of all, New Year’s Day is really the only holiday we have in our calendar that allows us to accept change, allowing renewal and a fresh start. Secondly, (with sassy emphasis on the “-ly” because I’m mad) we all have a right as human beings, as people of the world, to celebrate the transition into a new year by celebrating change – however small – to move ourselves forward within the limited sub-100 years of our lives. Even if moving forward means instagramming one less selfie next year… or asking that girl out (whose decision will likely not be swayed differently by New You… sorry).

We should be promoting change and growth in our friends. Let your friends plan and create a new self. Let your friends vocalize their excitement in being a new, changed person. Let them at least think about cutting out the toxicity within their lives.

At least you tried, pink boop.
At least you tried, pink boop.

To groan and grunt and express negativity towards those who express their wishes to renew in the new year reveals a truly petty part of our instinctual selves. And, trust me, I’ve groaned and grunted before, so this is a truth in myself as well. We are a competitive people. It’s instinctual to want to move up the ladder and excel. Just look at Donald Trump: he’s moved up so much, he’s like… caveman-instictual! (Zing!) But sometimes us rational humans should look past our instinctual side and remember the beautiful empathy in being able to care for the people around us.

“Let them try! Even if they are the most bigoted and ignorant person ever that you couldn’t possibly imagine them changing even if they tried… let them try!”

The instinctual side of hating the expression of “new year, new me” is that we subconsciously don’t want to see our friends doing better than us. We subconsciously don’t want to see positive change and growth while we mindlessly scroll through our feeds, actively putting off change. This brings up certain emotions: Jealousy? Lust to follow in their steps? Perhaps the ignorance that if we put others down in their journey to improve, we’ll somehow improve ourselves? Ha!

Remember this the next time you roll your eyes at a “new year, new me” post! Despite the subconscious devil that is instinct (yes, I know our instinct can be lifesaving at times, but not now, Satan!) we must remember to cheer on those that are trying to grow and spread their wings. Let them try! Even if that person says the same thing every year and never improves! Maybe this year is their year: let them try! Even if they are the most bigoted and ignorant person ever that you couldn’t possibly imagine them changing even if they tried… let them try! Even if “new year, new me” sounds like an excuse for the lizard people to de-shell in the new year and take over the world.

Let them try.


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