Create. Create so there is proof.

Everyone is an artist. We are all the designers of our own intricate lives. We write statuses, essays, reports, bathroom graffiti, shopping lists, and when the scripts of our lives are a quarter full, many of us will begin to create the script of another life.

In this life, there is so much that we consume; so much that we take in. We listen to our favourite artists and they make us feel alive. We vicariously live through the characters in our favourite novel series. We are touched by them, we relate to them, and when something happens to them, it happens to us. We breathe through the action in movies and television shows that inspire us to carry on, to share the love, to believe in ourselves, and we breathe out reaction videos, fanfiction, rave reviews to our friends, and recommendations to our loved ones. Consumption is a huge part of our individualistic lives – in a sense, our consumption creates us, but we must not forget our unique selves in all of it.

We are all artists.
We are all artists.

It is exciting and enjoyable to get caught up in the lives of our favourite artists, but this does not pardon us from being the creators we are. Despite being affected and manipulated by each detail we take in, there is an essential you within you, and you must channel this. Try to look for yourself, the you that makes you special; the you that cannot be described or imitated by anyone else and share it with the world. Take everything you’re passionate about (whether it’s your passion for knitting, skateboarding, or writing and music, like mine) and make use of it. Don’t let your creativity flow within you forever: let it out! Spray it at the world, enlighten your loved ones!


And it doesn’t matter which profession you take to. Create, my friend. Keep creating, in whatever way you can, so there is proof. Proof that you lived your life until you filled up every soul around you. Share your story. Send your message. Tell everyone what matters most to you. Do not fear it.

Fear and anxiety are old friends of mine. They consume your entire body in the moment. You shake. You sweat. Your entire face goes red and hot. You can literally feel the heat in your face. Your entire head gets itchy. You fear making any noise at all. I’ve been afraid to sing. I’ve been afraid to speak and record videos for YouTube. I’ve been afraid of how I looked and how others would view me. There are days where all that runs through my head as I walk to school are what others may be thinking of me.

Here’s how I try to battle it all. I remind myself that most people aren’t watching. Many don’t care! And that’s a great thing. Just as you walk around each day and see so many faces, even the interesting ones, they all blend into the background. And at the end of the day, you are the only person in control of your mind. Remind yourself that if you don’t start expressing yourself now and do what you’ve dreamt of always doing, you’ll never take that step! Make a short-term plan (what you’ll be doing over the next week or month to change) and work it!

It’s a daily struggle, but I know we deserve to live freely. You deserve to be proud of who you are. You are the only person who has lived your life. You are the only person to have the experiences and memories that you hold dear. There is no time to fear it all. And no one has the right to make you fear expression. It may be hard right now to open up freely without fear or anxiety, but I know there’s an inkling of a spark within you that wants to speak out and be heard. A part of you that wants to tell the world about something or someone you love. Promise me that you will start now. Start working on it. However small. Work on opening up and being free.

Live proudly despite what the world may think and keep creating. Create so there is proof that you overcame.


In proof that I overcame (or am overcoming), I will be documenting a huge musical project I’m taking on over the next year on this blog. I’m having so much fun with it after being afraid to express myself musically these past years, and I owe it some really close friends who reminded me that life is fleeting and I can’t wait forever to get started on working on my happiness and my passion.


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