Hi. I'm Kevin.

I'm a 21-year-old social media marketer and artist. I spend my days managing social strategy for interesting and innovative brands and creating new art in the form of music and blog posts (with the occasional vlog thrown in for extra measure). My life is quite full so thanks for stopping in to help take the load off. Read up!

My favourite blog post of mine is On Being a Trendy Teen.

Disclaimer: The thoughts represented in this blog, unless explicitly stated within the context of the post, are solely mine and do not translate or express the thoughts of my peers or those affiliated with me, whether individual, brand, or larger entity. This is a personal blog and it will remain a personal space for my thoughts and opinions. Now that the technical stuff is out of the way...

Thank You.

Thank you immensely if you took the time to read a post, listen to some of my music, comment, like, and/or share my material. I am so very grateful and touched that my message was able to pass on to you. My voice is my power and I'm blessed to be able to document my thoughts and have a conversation with you. If there is one thing I want to push forward into your life, it is that your message is powerful. Contemplate on what you truly love - what makes you powerfully passionate - and tell the world. Let everyone know why you are so in love with life. Spark the fire and pass it on.